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MaxAttack! raised the level of two wheel drive rally racing in the United States for the past few years. Thanks to the generous support of our sponsor during those years, Danza del Sol Winery in Temecula Valley, California, the Rallysports Group of America (RSGA) paid out a cash purse of $15,000 USD per year to be divided amongst the fastest teams competing in the MaxAttack! events.

Update from the Mexico Service Area

From the top half of the field at the Mexico Rec Center, first service:

Karen Wagner, Co-Driver, #90 Dodge SRT4 -- Things are going well, there is no drama.  Times are close on these short spectator stages.

Chris Duplessis, Driver, #70 Scion XD -- Things are going well, the car is much better with the new limited slip differential [ed. A-Ha!!].  The car is 100%, and he's driving like that.

Josh Wimpey, Driver, #213 VW Golf -- They lost their power steering.  They hit a big rock that was pulled up on the stage near one of the baseball diamond, and they bent their pulley and steering rack.  They fear they may have no power steering for the remainder of the rally.

Eric Burmeister, Driver, #42 Mazdaspeed3 -- They hit a hole on the transition from gravel to pavement both times on the Rec Center stage.  They hit the right front hard, and are giving it a once-over.

Martin Walter, Driver, #22 Nissan 240 -- Their crew is somewhere between Ottawa and the rally.  They have no parts, no water, no nothing.  They are scrounging today.  They took the stages gently as they did not want to break a part since they don't have any spares.

Brian Johnson, Co-Driver, #80 Datsun 280z -- It is going well, the car feels good.

Brian Morris, Driver, #18 Mitsubishi Lancer -- Life's good so far, he's hoping it stays that way the rest of the day.  He will go at it "hammer and tongs" out on the forest stages.

Will try to get some scores soon.