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MaxAttack! raised the level of two wheel drive rally racing in the United States for the past few years. Thanks to the generous support of our sponsor during those years, Danza del Sol Winery in Temecula Valley, California, the Rallysports Group of America (RSGA) paid out a cash purse of $15,000 USD per year to be divided amongst the fastest teams competing in the MaxAttack! events.

Frequently Asked Questions

The MaxAttack! Rally Series is a three race rallying championship for two-wheel-drive cars, consisting of three premier North American rally events. Moreover, MaxAttack! is a state of mind! Driving on the limit.

There are many goals for the MaxAttack! Rally Series, but the first goal is to promote and foster a high level of competition and increased participation in the two-wheel-drive ranks at North American rallies. This action will allow the secondary goals to manifest themselves. Some of these secondary goals include:

  • Driver/codriver/team development for aspiring rallyists.
  • New business development within the sport of rally.
  • Further publicity for the sport of rally in North America.
  • Greater sponsorship potential for teams, organizations, and events.
  • Greater value for sponsors, teams, and events.

Through the use of many tools. Some of the tools include:

  • Substantial prize money that pays deep in the field.
  • A website that is dedicated to promoting our teams and rallies as it also educates teams about skills like marketing and promotion.
  • Contingency prizes from companies and organizations within rally.
  • Articles in the major motoring press covering our events and teams.
  • "Guerilla" video exposure on outlets like YouTube, etc.

The following is the payout schedule for the top-finishing two-wheel-drive participants at each round of the MaxAttack! Rally Series:

  • 1st 2wd overall - $1500
  • 2nd 2wd overall - $1200
  • 3rd 2wd overall - $1000
  • 4th 2wd overall - $800
  • 5th 2wd overall - $500

Competitors must register for MaxAttack! during event registration.

All decisions/disputes will be resolved at the rally by Eric Burmeister, and decisions will be final.

MaxAttack! is an overlay championship. We use the rules of the sanctioning body that is sanctioning the rally we are visiting at the time, as well as the event's supplemental rules. In other words, the car must be legal to compete in some class according to the rules of the sanctioning body and of the event, and the competitors must follow the competition rules of the sanctioning body and of the event. The only rule specific to MaxAttack! is that the car MUST be two-wheel drive.

The sanctioning body for MaxAttack! events is currently Rally America. Their complete rules are at their website:

Rally America

Starting in 2010, you can choose to register for MaxAttack! when you register for the event through Rally America's website. If you decide to register for the rally at the event itself instead of through Rally America's, please find Eric Burmeister or Ben Bradley in order to register in person for MaxAttack!.

Only $50 at each MaxAttack! event in which you compete (in additional to the normal registration fees for the rally event itself). Competitors will be required to purchase a sticker package for car identity in the MaxAttack! Rally Series. No other fee is required by MaxAttack!.

The MaxAttack! philosophy is to include and promote all 2wd competitors, so you can compete in MaxAttack! whether you are registered and entered in the national or regional rally at a combined event.

No. This is to encourage entry even if for just one of the rallies (team doesn't have the budget to contest two of them). This also is to encourage fierce competition at the rallies, not "saving the equipment" to ensure a "championship" win. Additionally, this serves to "enrich the pot" for the individual events and allows us to pay more, deeper into the field. Since the championship IS a very demanding and notable feat, however, the winner will be presented with a year-end trophy at the end of the MaxAttack! season.

The year-end trophy is a very special memorial trophy named after Jake Himes, a rally driver, well-known and colorful member of the North-American rally community, co-founder of the MaxAttack! Rally Series, and a person who fully embodied the spirit of MaxAttack!

Several reasons:

  • Two-wheel-drive cars are more economical to run and, as such, are usually more associated with the grassroots competitor. Since our aim is to elevate the grassroots competitor to a more intermediate (read sustainable) level of competition, it makes sense to promote our 2wd teams.
  • Business development. The companies involved with 4wd sport compact cars are already acutely aware of rallying and its marketing potential for their products. Companies involved with the 2wd sport compact market (both OEM and aftermarket) have largely not seen the value of rallying. Our series serves to provide the value needed for some of these companies get more involved in rallying. The market is much larger for 2wd and has gone mostly untapped by the sport of rally as other forms of racing have embraced it.
  • Note: MaxAttack! Rally Series has no intention of disrespecting teams or companies associated with 4wd products. The Series is just another positive competition level to help further the sport of rally in North America and make it more valuable for teams, organizers, sanctioning bodies, and sponsors alike.

We wanted the drivers to drive at MaxAttack! By having just three rallies it allows us to do many things:

  • Makes our (finite) seed money go further into the field to encourage more entrants.
  • Provides for a schedule that is spread out geographically to allow everyone in the country to participate in at least one of the events.
  • Provides for a schedule consisting of one rally in the West, one in the East, and a final shootout at the middle of the country to allow teams to push very hard and drive on the limit, while still allowing enough time to reprep the car for the shootout on a grassroots budget.
  • Teams will only need to compete in one of the coastal events and in the centrally-located shootout in order to win the championship.
  • Two events that don't require towing across the continent is a sizable, but doable investment for many grassroots teams.

MaxAttack! is administrated by Rally Sport Group of America (RSGA), an independent organization concerned with the advancement of the sport of stage rally in North America.

No. RSGA is not directly connected to any sanctioning body, but is excited to work with any sanctioning body who shares the goals and vision of MaxAttack!.

You can contact us through our contact page, or get in touch with Eric Burmeister at 313-550-4454.