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Lake Superior Update from Kenton Service #2

Kenton Service, following Stage 6

-The Himes brothers described the three stages between the Kenton services as "shitty, OK and OK." They lost a wheel a few miles into Stage 4, Passmore. They were able to find the errant wheel, but they estimated they lost about five or six minutes. Silas reports that the stages are "slipperier-n-shit."
-The crew of the #262 GMC Sonoma, Steve Brockelman and Dustin Masters, said stages 4, 5 and 6 were "brutal and slippy." It was hard to stay away from the stumps, rocks and trees, but they managed to pull it off. They even managed to pass a car on one of the stages. Dustin, the co-driver, reported that he felt queasy on Stage 4, Passmore, and they just had to drive what they could see for much of the time.
-Chris Czyzio, driver of the #244 Volvo 240, caught and passed a car about 5.5 miles into Stage 4, Passmore. He and co-driver Jeff Secor had a lot of fun on Passmore. Far Point, Stage 5, was slippery but they had no problems. Bob Lake, Stage 6, was very slippery for the first four miles, but the last two miles were a different surface and had a lot more grip, it went much quicker. Jeff adds that, "windshield wipers are for sissies." Indeed their wipers are not working in this downpour, and they literally had to come to a stop a couple times because of mud covering the windshield.
-Joseph Burke said that he can't see. "I've never worked so hard to keep a car on the road in my life." He's missing turns in transits as well, due to the lack of visibility.
-Mark and John Huebbe lost a wheel from their VW Beetle.
-Derek McCorison and Paul Johansen, in the Hyundai Tiburon #92, did not have enough E-85 to last the event, so they had to send a crew member to Ashland, Wisconsin to obtain a supply for Saturday. The car runs very well with a neat individual throttle body system, but it does not like the water. They were having problems with the linkage, which was sticking a bit.
-Ian Seppanen and Daniel Clark, in the #240 Nissan 240SX, were having a lot of fun, spending a lot of time with the car at a 45 degree angle to the road.
-Paul Donlin and Jonathan Tinsey, the #666 Ford Escort, lost another water pump belt on Stage 5. It appeared the water pump was seized, and the team was unable to finish the evening.
-Daryn Chernick and Matthew Conte, the #841 VW GTI from Manitoba, converted the car to a turbo diesel. They lost the rally computer when sand in the rim knocked off the sensor.
-Car #696, the Plymouth Neon of Bryan Holder and Tracy Payeur, said that Stage 4 and Stage 5 were pretty good, but Bob Lake (Stage 6) was really torn up. They dragged their rear bumper for half a stage, but they were able to re-affix it.
-Car 600, the Ford Fiesta of Dillon Van Way and Jake Blattner, had a problem with a slipping clutch.
-The crew of Car #128, the Mychal Summers/Ryan DesLauriers Mazda RX-7, left Kenton with a trailer to retrieve the car. They had no information as to what might have happened.
Here are the results after Stage 6:
1. Zedril/Zedril (Mitsubishi Lancer #708) 53:12
2. Burke/Kihurani (Ford Fiesta #115) 55:02
3. Van Way/Blattner (Ford Fiesta #600) 56:27
4. Greenhouse/Johnson (Plymouth Neon #319) 57:21
5. Mann/Warren (Honda Civic #37) 57:56
6. Huebbe/Huebbe (VW Beetle #242) 1:02:30
7. Brockelman/Masters (GMC Sonoma #262) 1:02:38
8. Seppanen/Clark (Nissan 240SX #240) 1:03:38
9. Czyzio/Secor (Volvo 240 #244) 1:04:06
10. Steely/Buller (Ford Focus #824) 1:04:38
11. McCorison/Johansen (Hyundai Tiburon #92) 1:05:46
12. Himes/Himes (Honda Civic #535) 1:05:48
13. Chernick/Conte (VW GTI #841) 1:06:54
14. Holder/Payeur (Plymouth Neon #696) 1:08:15
15. Grenwis/Burkholder (VW GTI #654) 1:38:54
DNF - Donlin/Tinsey (Ford Escort #666) belt
DNF - Summers/DesLauriers (Mazda RX-7 #128) unknown
DNF - Scray/Vickman (Datsun 510 #510) unknown
DNF - Bushore/Bushore (VW Jetta #548) gearbox
DNF - Hill/Cooper (Eagle Talon #864) broken axle
DNF - Yahner/Benusa (VW Golf #551) unknown
News flash! Dillon Van Way's Ford Fiesta is sitting forlornly at the team's service area in Kenton. He and co-driver Jake Blattner completely lost the clutch.  They are going to replace the clutch and run tomorrow's regional, but they are a DNF from the MaxAttack! event.
We will try to get updates from the final MTC, although they probably will not be posted until the wee hours. 

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