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MaxAttack! raised the level of two wheel drive rally racing in the United States for the past few years. Thanks to the generous support of our sponsor during those years, Danza del Sol Winery in Temecula Valley, California, the Rallysports Group of America (RSGA) paid out a cash purse of $15,000 USD per year to be divided amongst the fastest teams competing in the MaxAttack! events.

Shepherd/Wagner Take Victory in Season Finale of the 2010 MaxAttack!™ Rally Series Presented by Danza del Sol

21 two-wheel-drive rally cars battled over the challenging Lake Superior Performance Rally stages on the scenic Upper Peninsula of Michigan; O’Sullivan/Wagner win Jake Himes Cup

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Unofficial Lake Superior Rally MaxAttack! Results

1. Doug Shepherd/Karen Wagner, Dodge SRT 4, 1:25:43.2
2. Lauchlin O'Sullivan/Scott Putnam, Dodge SRT 4, 1:26:40.2
3. Jan Zedril/Jody Zedril, Mitsubishi Lancer, 1:27:58.4
4. Eric Burmeister/Dave Shindle, Mazdaspeed3, 1:29:13.9
5. Chris Greenhouse/Brian Johnson, Plymouth Neon, 1:29:40.3
6. Matt Bushore/Andrew Bushore, Volkswagen Jetta, 1:31:00.7
7. Jim Scray/Colin Vickman, Datsun 510, 1:33:32.6
8. Mike Merbach/Ben Slocum, Volkswagen Jetta, 1:35:32.5
9. Silas Himes/Matt Himes, Honda Civic, 1:36:40.2

Second Report from Final Kenton Service

Results through Stage 8 (of 10):

1. Shepherd/Wagner, Dodge, 0:59:10.3
2. O'Sullivan/Putnam, Dodge, 1:00:01.2
3. Zedril/Zedril, Mitsubishi, 1:00:57.3
4. Burmeister/Shindle, Mazda 1:01:44.7
5. Greenhouse/Johnson, Plymouth, 1:02:07.8
6. Bushore/Bushore, Volkswagen, 1:03:01.3
7. Scray/Vickerman, Datsun, 1:04:24.9
8. McCleery/Brandt, Ford, 1:05:31.0
9. Merbach/Slocum, Volkswagen, 1:05:51.1
10. Huebbe/Huebbe, Volkswagen, 1:07:09.9
11. Gottlieb/Darrow, Honda, 1:07:56.3
12. Himes/Himes, Honda, 1:08:14.4

Early Report from the Final Kenton Service

Billy Irvin, Co-Driver, #649 Honda CRX
Stage 5 started off great, we were making good time, about a mile and a half in we lost third gear, did our best to not lose much time.  With about a mile to go in the stage we lost all remaining gears, pulled over, and that was our rally unfortunately.  Every stage up to then we seemed to be getting faster, making some time up from the first two stages where we lost a little bit on the front-runners.  We were definitely in the pack and ready to move up.

Karen Wagner, Co-Driver, #52 Dodge SRT 4

2010 Lake Superior Team Updates at Service 1 in L'Anse

Jim Cox, Driver, #558 Chevrolet S10
We bent the upper control arm right away on the first stage. We're kind of gutted, and obviously really bummed out. Rally can be that way, but we'll get ready for next time. It just let go. Near as we can tell it's probably a fatigue thing, we've noticed the alignment changing the last couple of events and assumed it was just some loose hardware. Obviously it was some parts starting to bend.

Karen Wagner, Co-Driver, #52 Dodge SRT 4

2010 Lake Superior Rally Standings After Stage 4

1-Shepherd/Wagner, Dodge, 18:40
2-O'Sullivan/Putnam, Dodge, 19:13
2-Greenhouse/Johnson, Plymouth, 19:13
4-Zedril/Zedril, Mitsubishi, 19:16
5-Crane/Irvin, Honda, 19:17
6-Burmeister/Shindle, Mazda, 19:23
7-Bushore/Bushore, VW, 19:53
8-Scray/Vickman, Datsun, 20:15
9-McCleery/Brandt, Ford, 20:23
10-Sanford/Sanford, BMW, 20:35
11-Merbach/Slocum, VW, 20:50
12-Gottlieb/Darrow, Honda, 21:11
13-Huebbe/Huebbe, VW, 21:20
14-Murphy/Tsang, VW, 21:46
15-Hill/Cooper, Mitsubishi, 22:00
16-Donlin/Mann, Ford, 22:58

Photos from 2010 MaxAttack! LSPR by Jerry Winker

Here are some photos, courtesy of Jerry Winker at ComicOzzie.com, of MaxAttack! action at the 2010 Lake Superior Performance Rally. We are starting with photos from the shakedown and will keep adding more as they come in, so keep checking back. You can click on the slideshow to see all the individual photos.

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Interviews from Parc Expose

Parc Expose Interviews

Jim Cox, Driver, #558 Chevrolet S10

BB: Jim, you don't see too many rally trucks out there. What made you interested in rallying a pickup?
JC: I guess the "repairability" has made it something that's been affordable for us. We don't really run it for a performance advantage, but it's a good formula for us to have a good time.
BB: When was the last time you ran LSPR?
JC: I think '07 was my last LSPR.
BB: Do you have any goals or aspirations for the weekend?

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Driver Interviews from the Practice Stage

Cody Crane, Driver, #649 Honda CRX

BB: You towed all the way out here from Oregon. What does it feel like to be out here?
CC: It's crazy! It's a little crazy to think that we're all the way out in Michigan to race.
BB: How do you figure your chances are this weekend?
CC: I think we have a pretty good chance. It would be hard to beat Lauchlin [O'Sullivan] and Doug [Shepherd] in those turbo cars, but we'll try.
BB: Did you do anything to the car since the last time you raced it?

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The MaxAttack!™ Rally Series Heads to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan for Epic Season Finale

More than 20 two-wheel-drive rally cars will contest the final MaxAttack! round for 2010

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