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MaxAttack! raised the level of two wheel drive rally racing in the United States for the past few years. Thanks to the generous support of our sponsor during those years, Danza del Sol Winery in Temecula Valley, California, the Rallysports Group of America (RSGA) paid out a cash purse of $15,000 USD per year to be divided amongst the fastest teams competing in the MaxAttack! events.

MaxAttack! Live Updates Page Is Back On For LSPR

The MaxAttack! Live Updates page is back on for the final round of the 2010 MaxAttack! Two Wheel Drive Rally Series Presented By Danza Del Sol: the Lake Superior Performance Rally. The page contains a twitter aggregator, so any twitter user can send their MaxAttack! updates by adding #max3 to their tweet. Please note we are no longer using our old #ma3 hashtag due to too many unrelated tweets.

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New MaxAttack! Video Section Is Now Available At Max-Attack.com

Max-Attack.com has published a new video section where all existing and future MaxAttack! videos will be posted. You can visit the page at www.max-attack.com/video

The video section has exclusive new clips of each MaxAttack! team from NEFR 2010. Many thanks go to the folks at No Coast Productions for producing all the great MaxAttack! videos!

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O'Sullivan/Wagner Take Victory in Round Two of the 2010 MaxAttack!™ Rally Series Presented by Danza del Sol

27 two-wheel-drive rally cars battled over the fast New England Forest Rally stages; second through fourth were separated by eight seconds going into the final stage.

MaxAttack! 2010 2WD Rally Championship - Round 2 - New England Forest Rally - Day Two

MaxAttack! 2010 2WD Rally Championship - Round 2 - New England Forest Rally - Day One

New England Forest Rally Post-Rally Interviews

The New England Forest Rally has finished, and here are a few MaxAttack! presented by Danza del Sol post-rally interviews, recorded on Saturday night in Parc Expose just after cars checked in to the final MTC.

Chris Duplessis, Driver, #70 Scion XD

BB: How were your last two stages?
CD: They were awesome! We were holding off second place, and I've never driven two stages so hard.
BB: Did you manage to do that?
CD: Yes. We held off Wimpeys and Burmeister for second place.
BB: How was the weekend overall?

Update from the Second Errol Service

Some comments from all the remaining MaxAttack!'ers as they pulled into the last major service at Errol, New Hampshire.

Update 2 from the First Errol Sevice

In big MaxAttack!

Update 1 from the First Errol Sevice

Lauchlin O'Sullivan, Driver, #90 Dodge SRT-4 – The first two stages went OK, he doesn't feel like he's in it yet. Today is just kind of getting back into it. It's been so long, it's just tough to come back to rally overall. It's just feeling kind of funky today. They were really fast stages, and he just wasn't committed, and that's where it's got to be on those 5's and 6's over crests, he just wasn't as committed as it should be. It gets a bit interesting out here, and he needs to be clean on the rough stages coming up. He's got a nice little lead.

Interviews Following Day 1 of the New England Forest Rally

I found out, after my last posting from the Mexico service area, that Jim McClelland and Darlene Jones were forced to retire due to a broken tie rod end. They have made repairs and will return for the Saturday stages.

Sorry, I am too tired to post results tonight. They can be found at http://www.rally-america.com/events/2010/NEFRMAX/results/standings/

Here are some driver and co-driver interviews following the first day of MaxAttack! competition at the New England Forest Rally.


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